Nuclear Technology Consult *

Conceptual skillls

electro-mechanical equipment

- preliminary safety analysis report (YVL A1-Annex A 2 / B1 and supplementing topical reports

- safety design of nuclear power plant acc. to YVL B.1

- classification of systems, structures and components acc. to YVL B.2

- break preclusion / leak before break for secondary systems

- redundancy concept for safety relevant auxiliary systems

- protection requirements for High Energy Systems (pipes, components, cables)

civil layout, anchoring and steel works

- civil and electro-mechanical plant layout / space assignment plan for components

- comparison of european standards EC2 / EC 3 YVL with national standards

- pre-dimensioning of walls, slabs and anchorage due to EuroCode 2

- anchorage concepts for steel platforms (inner structures, inner containment & liner)


I & C

- I & C design, instrumentation and control for operating and safety requirements

Erection & site management

- erection planning and supervision (new builds & lifetime extension of installed base)

Commissioning & plant start-up

- cold and hot commissioning

* NTC is member of the NIPROMEC OY group.

NTC builds teams of specialists / senior consultants in the field of nuclear power plants, safety analysis, plant layout, basic and detailed design, erection, commissioning and I&C.